Wear protection Wear factor between 5 x 10-8 mm3/Nm and 5 x 10-7 mm3/Nm in ball-on disk tribotest in air, humid air and under water.
Coefficient of friction 0.05 - 0.15 against 100 Cr6 steel
Adhesion Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including metals, plastics and ceramics, without need for an interlayer. Critical load above 30 N measured in scratch test. Passed boiling water test.
Thickness 0.01 - 10 µm
Deposition temperature below 200 °C
Hardness 10 - 32 GPa, as desired.
Modulus of elasticity 100 - 340 GPa
Residual stress 0.2 - 1 GPa (significantly lower than diamond-like carbon)
Non-sticking Contact angle of water up to 95°. Surface energy between 20 and 30 mN/m
Excellent release properties for a variety of plastics.
Electrical conductivity Controllable between 1014cm and 10-2cm.
Dielectric breakdown strength > 106 V/cm
Light transmission Opaque to UV, transparent in visible light, highly transparent in IR.
Thermal stability Up to 400 °C